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About Us

Thrislington have been the last word in washrooms and cubicles for the last 50 years and now we're targeting the leisure market.

We've further developed our award winning cubicle systems for the unique challenges created in gyms and changing rooms.

A new freestanding island unit has been created and we now offer vanity units, lockers and seating making us a one stop shop for all your changing room needs.

Track Record

In 1968 Thrislington was born, the same year as the Summer Olympics in Mexico. During the games, Dick Fosbury won the gold medal and broke the Olympic high jump record by clearing 2.24 metres.

What was most remarkable about this, was his unique back-first technique, since known as the 'Fosbury Flop', which although scorned at first, is still the most popular jumping technique to this day. In 1968, like Thrislington, Dick Fosbury changed the face of his chosen field forever.


Something for everyone

Our systems are all designed to work with each other from entry level to the highest specification. This means that there will be a design perfect for any leisure project, whatever the budget.





The perfect fit

There’s another reason, aside from the supreme design and manufacturing as to why our cubicles last so long – our installation team, some of whom have been working for Thrislington for over 25 years.




Enjoy the silence

Unlike other changing and toilet cubicles, our doors have soft-closers built in, which are noise reducing. This not only means there is less noise to contend with, it also means the door shuts with a remarkably satisfying heavyweight feel.




Lasts a lifetime

We know leisure centres, we know how much wear and tear burly sportsmen and excited children can cause to a changing area. Despite this knowledge, we were the first to offer a 10 year guarantee, now that’s the least we can do… you can have a 25 year warranty if you choose.

We also have extensive after sales and maintenance support, ensuring that our products will stay the distance (even if everything else doesn't!)



Record of achievement

We've got all of our badges (and a fair few awards) and we're proud of them.

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